L - 7  RANCH

A unique west Texas experience!







2010 "Frosty" Colts




Hancock Poco Rip x Lil Piney Honey Wood

AQHA Dunskin ( Roan??) filly

March 23, 2010

91% NFQHA eligible 


(Miya is tested Dunskin, but may also carry the roan gene, we'll have to wait and see how she sheds out)


"Miya's Pedigree"

Click "here" to see LOTS more current pictures of Miya.

 I've had so many inquiries about Miya, I've decided IF someone wants her bad enough... email me.  I would consider selling her to the right home for $2500.


pictures updated 9-25-2010.  Weaning is going very well.



Hancock Poco Rip x Mrs Poco Dun It

AQHA bay stud colt

April 3, 2010

90% NFQHA eligible 


CoupR is SOLD ~ Thanks Enrique Dominguez, Mason TX!  You got a GOOD ONE!!


"Foal's Pedigree"

Click "here" to see more pictures of CoupR.  He is HUGE! ... the biggest colt we have ever foaled.  Very sweet colt. Already had my hands all over him.  Poco is such a good mamma!

pictures updated 9-25-2010.  CoupR has been weaned and started his halter and leading training.  He's doing VERY WELL!!