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2011 Colts

All 2011 colts are on the ground and healthy.  Yes ALL COLTS!!!  Jaybird finally foaled a huge colt on March 24, 2011.  The colt is definitely a Frosty colt.  So that makes 2 colts out of Whiskey Ike HK and 1 colt out of Frosty. (Chris and Ricky Luke's mare foaled a buckskin roan filly out of Frosty).  We will most likely keep the Whiskey x Speedy colt (24% Driftwood).  Jaybird's blue roan colt has been sold, but Drifty's colt is still for sale and will be priced in a couple weeks.  If you are interested in Drifty's colt, send me an email.



Whiskey Ike HK x Speedy Mandrift

AQHA Brown colt -  NFQHA eligible

February 18, 2011

24% Driftwood Blood



Speedys 2011 Horse Colt


We have decided to keep Speedys 2011 colt.  He is a very NICE colt.  We are going to see how he matures.

Click "here" to see LOTS more current pictures (updated 5-14-11) of Speedy's colt.  He is a cutie and getting more athletic everyday!


Click "here" to go to Speedy's 2011 horse colt pedigree.



Whiskey Ike HK x PX Driften Badger

AQHA Black/Brown stud colt - NFQHA eligible

March 5, 2011

14.85% Driftwood



Drifty's colt has gone to live with Ricky Samaniego in exchange for training work on Whiskey, Boudreaux and Sierra.  Thank you Ricky for your excellent work with our horses.  Ricky chose Drifty's colt, so that means Jaybirds colt is for sale... see below.

This colt is stout, conformationally correct and very athletic.  He won't be real tall... 15.0 H +/-  He is approximately 15% Driftwood blood.  Click "here" to see LOTS more current pictures (updated 5-14-11) of Drifty's colt.  He is a big boy!


Click "here" to go to Drifty's 2011 horse colt pedigree.



Hancock Poco Rip x Miss Hancock Jaybird

AQHA  smoky blue roan colt ~ NFQHA eligible

March 24, 2011



Jaybird and her 2011 colt will be going to live with her previous owner.

I really thought out of all 3 mares that Jaybird was bred to Whiskey Ike HK... WRONG!  One look at this nice colt and he had FROSTY written all over his face.  This colt is huge and ALL legs.  Definitely has a creme gene and white hairs through out is tail and flanks.  4 black feet.  This colt's face markings are an EXACT replica of Sadie, Jaybird and Frosty's 2009 black filly.  NICE COLT!!

Click "here" to see LOTS more current pictures (updated 5-14-11) of Jaybird's colt.


Click "here" to go to Jaybird's 2011 horse colt pedigree.