L - 7  RANCH

A unique west Texas experience!







Hancock Poco Rip x PX Driften Badger

Born:  March 15, 2008

Smoky Blue Roan colt

08colt_45minutesold.jpg (285863 bytes) ACE_tryingtogetup.jpg (272471 bytes)
Blue_too.jpg (245786 bytes) 3-15-08

Day 1...

Trying to get up... and first walk to round bale and water.

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3-24-08 3-24-08


Ace&Drifty_4-8-08.jpg (357713 bytes) Ace_4-8-08.jpg (301510 bytes)
Pictures taken 4-8-08



Ace_frontprofile.jpg (733593 bytes) Ace&Bella_playing.jpg (418505 bytes)

pictures taken 5-25-08

Ace is started to shed out a GORGEOUS blue roan

Ace and Bella playing. 

Ace has the bigger butt!!

They look and act like twins.