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Tuff E Nuff Drifter

aka "Tuff"

Hancock Poco Rip x PX Driften Badger

Born:  March 22, 2009

Buckskin (roan?) colt


"Tuff's Pedigree"

day1_web.jpg (274187 bytes) March 22, 2009

Tuff is just a couple hours old in this picture.  He is a very well put together and a very athletic colt.

colt3_web.jpg (344418 bytes) colt_web.jpg (327702 bytes)
(Pictures above and right)

One week... and already running circles around his dam.

Tuff_web.jpg (455828 bytes) Tuff and Drifty

April 17, 2009 right after we got a 2" rain.  Drifty is filthy dirty.  Tuff is a little over 3 weeks old.  He continues to impress me daily.  He is such a nice colt.  Right now he is so light colored it is hard to tell if he carries the roan gene.  He DOES have white hairs throughout his entire body with frosting on his tail.  Only time will tell.


2Tuff_2009coltpage.jpg (428095 bytes)
Tuff_2.jpg (376636 bytes) Tuff_3.jpg (470300 bytes)
Pictures taken July 4, 2009 Tuffy_web.jpg (348291 bytes)
Tuff2.jpg (277485 bytes) Tuff3.jpg (402668 bytes)
Pictures taken July 11, 2009
Tuff3_web.jpg (409476 bytes) Tuff_web.jpg (394813 bytes)
Pictures taken July 19, 2009
Tuff_playingwithball.jpg (342441 bytes) Tuff_front.jpg (417419 bytes)
Tuff-&-Monte.jpg (325217 bytes) Tuff_back.jpg (894266 bytes)
Pictures taken 8-22-09 at weaning time! NICE.... NICE....NICE Colt!!!