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A unique west Texas experience!






Driften Blue Hancock

aka "Blue"

Blue was born on April 13, 2007 and is 91% NFQHA eligible.  He is shedding out to be just like his sire (Frosty).  He will be a gorgeous 15.2 or 15.3 true blue roan with a creme gene which means it is possible for him to throw buckskins off of sorrel and bay mares and smoky blacks off black mares, plus the additional roan gene.  If blue is homozygous like Frosty he will be unable to throw palominos or sorrels.  He is a tank and will be an awesome performance/stallion prospect.

pictured below at 6 hours old.

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blue_profile_4-07_web.jpg (536848 bytes) 2blue_stickingtongueout_web.jpg (535707 bytes)
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BlueFlirting_2wks_web.jpg (356207 bytes) "Blue" is only 2 weeks old and already flirting with the mares!!

This colt is a smoky blue roan, just like his sire.... and he has such a sweet personality!




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