L - 7  RANCH

A unique west Texas experience!






Hancock Poco Rip

2003 AQHA Smoky Blue Roan Stallion

15.3+  1300 lbs

87% NFQHA Registered


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Above pictures taken on June 12, 2009.  

Frosty just keeps getting better every year.  No other word to describe him than AWESOME!!!



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Above picture taken March 8, 2009


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above picture taken April 18, 2008

Frosty is a well broke to ride ranch horse and proven stallion.  He can pull a bull AND out produce himself with every colt he puts on the ground!  Super nice disposition and a real gentleman with the mares!   Talk about a color producer!!


This picture was taken in October 2007, working cattle.  Frosty is a good working ranch horse.  Nothing fancy, but a well broke to ride ranch horse.



  All of Frosty's colts are easy to train, good minded, excellent conformation with natural muscle (ie they don't need to be grained like many horses to develop good muscle), straight legs/bone, good feet, nice heads, sweet personalities, laid back dispositions with gas.  They are very athletic with good cow sense, probably because they are raised out in the pasture with the cows, goats, llamas and deer.


In 2006, we only had one colt out of Frosty and Miss Leo, Missy.... and wow... is she an awesome 2 y/o now!  Missy is SOLD


In 2007, Frosty produced a smoky creme colt out of a palomino mare, a bay filly out of a sorrel mare, a buckskin filly out of a bay mare, a smoky blue roan colt out of a buckskin mare and another buckskin colt out of a sorrel mare!  ALL 2007 colts are SOLD


In 2008, Frosty produced a buckskin roan filly out of a bay mare, 3 blue roan fillies, of which....one was a still born twin (other twin was about 7mo fetus) another one died within 24 hours, and the 3rd was a GORGEOUS blue roan filly out of our dun mare (Bella is SOLD).  Then we got a blue roan colt out of a buckskin mare (Ace is SOLD).  WOW!!! 


We just can't seem to keep any Frosty colts!!  




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"Frosty colts

....left to right is Scooby, 07 buckskin colt... 

Missy, 06 silver bay roan filly....

and Whiskers, 07 bay filly.

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Callie, 08 filly

buckskin roan (sold)


Callie & Ace

Ace, 08 blue roan colt (sold)

Bella, 08 filly

blue roan (sold)

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Tuffy, Drifty's 09 colt

buckskin (sold)

Monte, Poco's 09 colt

blue roan (sold)


Chica, Smoothie's 09 filly

black filly

Future broodmare

Sadie, Jaybird's 09 filly

black filly

Future broodmare


CoupR, Poco's 2010 colt

bay colt


Miya, Lily's "first" 2010 filly

dunskin filly

Future broodmare