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Not familiar with Driftwood ???...

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7-9-11 Update:  All horses are home and trying to stay cool and healthy in this extreme drought.  All colts have been weaned and Drifty's colt has gone to his new home.  We have had 100+ days since May 2011 with no measurable rain fall since last summer.  Please PRAY FOR RAIN for all the southern United States during this very difficult time.

Updated pictures of "Sonora"... aka Monte, 2009 blue roan colt out of Frosty and Poco.  Click "here"



Ranch Horses ....



working horses ....

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 ...... horses that are good minded with excellent dispositions, conformation, pedigree and yes...  horses with color all wrapped up in the total package!!!  


We are not horse breeders... we are ranchers!  Our goal is to breed 4-5 mares each year... producing "using" horses with straight legs and good bone.... horses that have cow-sense and athletic ability that we can use here on the ranch.  Our colts can go any direction:  cutting, reining, sorting, ranch competition, roping, team penning,  halter, show and breeding stock, ranch and/or trail riding and just darn good all-around companions.


We currently have a mixture of contemporary and old foundation bloodlines that include: Driftwood, (through the lines of: Driftwood Ike, White Lighting Ike, Wayward Ike, Whiskey Ike HK, Orphan Drift, Drifts Vaquero, Lone Drifter, Setumup Speedy), Leo Hancock Hayes, Blue Valentine, Poco Bueno, Two Eyed Jack, Wimpy, Bill Cody, Joe Cody, King, Colonel Freckles, Peponita, Leo, Sugar Bars, Hollywood Jac 86, Hollywood Gold, Skipper W, Peppy San Badger, Doc Olena, Smart Little Lena, Three Bars,  Blackburn, Pretty Boy, Cutter Bill, Smooth Herman, Steady Tradition, APHA QT Poco Streke, and many more.  We are continuously developing our bloodlines to improve the quality of our horses.  If you see something you like... let us know.  We LOVE talking horses!



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"Hancock Poco Rip  (Frosty)"

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AQHA 2003 

TRUE Smoky Blue Roan Stallion

Homozygous Black and carries a creme gene

NFQHA 87% Registered  ~   HERDA tested N/N

16H ~ 1300 LB 

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AND INTRODUCING.....................................


Our NEW Junior Stallion....... 


Blue Hayes Drifter   (Boudreaux)

2009 AQHA  "True" Blue Roan

92% NFQHA Registered

NO Poco Bueno bloodlines


UC Davis tested:  Double Homozygous Black, (negative agouti = NO bay gene) AND HOMOZYGOUS ROAN!!  EVERY colt that Boudreaux sires will be black based AND ROAN!!  NO guessing... GUARANTEED!!


18.75% Lone Drifter ~ 15.625% Driftwood Ike ~ 12.5% Orphan Drift

 12.5% Blue Valentine ~ 10% "Driftwood"

updated pictures taken 7-22-11

This nice colt has Leo Hancock Hayes, Blue Valentine,  Orphan Drift, and Lone Drifter ON his face papers.  He also has a strong line of Haythorn Ranch horses, (past winner of the coveted Inaugural AQHA Remuda Award) on the bottom side.  NO holes in this nice colt's breeding.  Boo is conformationally correct, smart and very athletic with a laid back and sweet disposition.  I am thrilled how this colt is maturing!  I have searched a very long time for a colt that IS the total package, bloodlines, conformation, disposition and YES color. 


click link to view pedigree for Boudreaux:



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Our Mares . . .

are the foundation of our breeding program!  


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For more information on our individual mares...

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"Good horses, like good men, have good mothers."
By R.L. Underwood
Co-founder and past President of the American Quarter Horse Association.




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ALL 2008 Colts have SOLD!!

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One of my all time favorites...


Horses know nothing of money, status, beauty, or accomplishment..... Horses see only our hearts, and they accept or reject us based on what they find within us. In short, horses do naturally what humans can pass a lifetime without ever mastering.
Mary Midkiff