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October 26, 2008 UPDATE!!!!

Shooter.... now known as "Cowboy"... has competed in his first show, October 25, 2008.  He WON 1st place in Color, 2nd place in Halter, and 4th place in Showmanship.  THANK YOU LEAH... for sharing these pictures and PLEASE keep us updated on your wonderful colt!!

Cowboy's first show...Diamond F 006.JPG (1786009 bytes) Cowboy's first show...Diamond F 001.JPG (2458549 bytes)
Cowboy's-first-show.jpg (121510 bytes) Cowboy's-first-show3.jpg (174690 bytes)
Diamond-F-2.jpg (253431 bytes) CONGRATULATIONS!!!





RRB Haidas Hired Doc x Skips MonaLisa McCue

Born:  March 4, 2008


As of 6-1-08... Shooter "appears" to be shedding out a

GORGEOUS Smoky GRULLA roan tobiano! 

Scroll down for current pictures.

1_Isa_08filly.jpg (280109 bytes) 2_Isa_08filly.jpg (279722 bytes)
Above pics....3-4-08  - still wet 3-4-08 - still wet


day4_shooter2.jpg (302267 bytes) day4_shooter3.jpg (351333 bytes)
Above pics....3-8-08 3-8-08


shooter2_Ad.jpg (666055 bytes) shooter3_ad.jpg (321696 bytes)
Shooter_Ad.jpg (2267920 bytes) Shooter&Calie_desktop.jpg (510079 bytes)
Above pics....3-30-08 3-30-08


Shooter_4-8-08_web.jpg (247000 bytes) shooter_4-8-08_profile_web.jpg (490627 bytes)
shooter_running_web.jpg (183717 bytes) Pictures above and to the left were taken on 4-8-08.  Shooter is such a nice colt...  The total package!


Shooter_profile_5-3-08.jpg (201387 bytes) Shooter2_profile_5-3-08.jpg (351761 bytes)


These 2 pictures were taken on 5-3-08.  Shooter has not yet started to shed out... but looking like he may eventually shed out GRULLA!!!



shooter_front.jpg (478532 bytes) shooter_butt_shedding.jpg (429587 bytes)
Shooter_chunkpic.jpg (715229 bytes) shooter_leftchunk.jpg (415096 bytes)
Above pictures taken on 5-26-08


Shooter_running_rtview.jpg (280218 bytes) shooter_running_leftview.jpg (251513 bytes)
shooter_right_profile.jpg (383558 bytes) shooter_left_profile.jpg (276472 bytes)
shooter_front_view.jpg (356976 bytes) Shooter_headprofile.jpg (301079 bytes)

Above pictures taken on 6-1-08.  Shooter is ONLY 3 months old.

All I can say is.... WOW!!!!!