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Poco Diamond Drifter (Sadie)


Hancock Poco Rip x Miss Jaybird Hancock


June 14, 2009

Blue Roan filly

markings: star and snip. Four black feet.   Frosted tail and roan hairs through out. 

(possibly carries the creme gene)


This little girl is staying here!



Bella2_web.jpg (312291 bytes) This picture taken on June 14th, within hours of birth.  She sure is a cutie!
Pictures below were taken on June 18th.  What a nice filly!
Sadie.jpg (362742 bytes) Sadie4_web.jpg (362053 bytes)
Sadie3_web.jpg (349328 bytes)
Below picture taken July 19, 2009
Sadie_web.jpg (381878 bytes)
Picture below taken 8-22-09
Sadie.jpg (356187 bytes)
Sadie was weaned early (3 months - 9-5-09), so she is a little behind, but doing well.  Below pictures were taken on 10-3-09
sadie_front.jpg (268195 bytes) sadie_leftside.jpg (262251 bytes)