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This colt is a full sibling to Missy, our 2006 silver bay roan filly.  If he matures to be like her... he will be awesome!  Not sure if he is bay roan or buckskin roan.  Right now he looks more buckskin, but time will tell.

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This picture is Scooby when he was just hours old, May 22, 2007.

 He was tired!

scooby_5-22_newborn.jpg (376656 bytes)


Below pictures were taken on June 4th.  Scooby is 2 weeks old in these pictures.

scooby_6-4.jpg (532014 bytes) 2scooby_6-4.jpg (422425 bytes)


Below pictures were taken on July 1, 2007.  Scooby is just a couple days shy of being 6 weeks old.  He is really filling out nicely and will make Jud a nice rope horse!

scooby&MissLeo_web7-1.jpg (395266 bytes) scooby_web7-1.jpg (459171 bytes) 2scooby_web7-1.jpg (463585 bytes)
3scooby_web7-1.jpg (491644 bytes)