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March 23, 2010

AQHA  Dunskin ( Roan??) filly

(I can't wait to see how she sheds out)

91% NFQHA eligible 

"Miya's Pedigree"

Below pictures were taken on September 25, 2010.  Leg fuzzies are gone and you can really see Miya's black stockings.  She will have a frosted mane, a "skunk" tail and a black dorsal.  Does she carry the roan gene??   Can't tell for sure, sometimes I say yes... sometimes I'm not sure.  Only GOD knows and time will tell.  Also, she could very well be a brown dun.  I may have her agouti tested for the brown gene.  Lily's "dam - Blackburns Dun Honey", was a brown dun and her sire was a buckskin dun.  No matter... she's GORGEOUS and SWEET!!!
Below pictures were taken on July 26, 2010
Below pictures were taken on July 7, 2010.  Almost all shed out.  Miya doesn't appear to be roan, but buckskins are hard to tell.  But ... man is she GORGEOUS!!!  Buckskin dun at it's best!  And Sweet!   OMG!!
Below pictures were taken on June 13,  2010.  Miya is starting to shed out but still has a lot of white fuzzies.  The black stockings are starting to shed out, but I still can't for sure tell if she carries the roan gene??  She has such a sweet disposition.
Miya_rightside.jpg (973623 bytes) Miya_front.jpg (1030453 bytes)
Below pictures were taken May 30, 2010.  Miya is shedding more.. and looks funky!  This is that awkward... yuck stage.  She will be gorgeous in a couple months!
miya_rightview_web.jpg (741822 bytes) Miya_leftview_web.jpg (864990 bytes)
Miya_web.jpg (823155 bytes) Miya2_web.jpg (738381 bytes)
Below pictures were taken on May 1, 2010.  Miya is starting to shed out, appears to be a dark golden buckskin dun color.  Still waiting to see if she sheds out roan.  She LOVES to run, jump and spin.  She is very athletic.
Miya_web.jpg (990897 bytes) FlyingMiya_web.jpg (815252 bytes)
Below pictures were taken on April 23, 2010.  Today is Miya's 1 month birthday!  She is so very light.  I have to guess that she does in fact carry the roan gene.  Only time will tell.

Miya_rightside_web.jpg (893735 bytes)

Miya_2leftside_web.jpg (994369 bytes)

Below pictures were taken on April 18, 2010
Miya_rightview.jpg (935291 bytes) Miya2_left.jpg (903017 bytes)
Below pictures were taken on April 2, 2010

Miya is a very sweet filly, VERY people friendly!!!  She already knows her name and comes to me when I walk out to see her. 

Miya&Lily2_4-2.jpg (951304 bytes) Miya&Lily_4-2.jpg (732909 bytes)
Miya_4-2_right.jpg (825432 bytes) Miya_4-2_left.jpg (878372 bytes)
Miya_4-2_layingdown.jpg (596841 bytes)
Below pictures taken on 3/27/2010
Miya_rightprofile.jpg (859062 bytes) Miya_leftprofile.jpg (991544 bytes)
Miya_back.jpg (859026 bytes) Miya_exploring.jpg (811876 bytes)

Below pictures taken 3/24/2010

Day 1... Isn't she adorable!!!

Day1_front-profile.jpg (597208 bytes)

Day1_bonding.jpg (835810 bytes) Day1_left_profile.jpg (815468 bytes)
Leander_Lily_filly.jpg (602512 bytes) Day1_Lilyfilly.jpg (865552 bytes)