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Now owned by The Marshalls of east Texas.

Hancock Poco Rip x Mrs Poco Dun It

Born:  March 24, 2009

 Blue Roan Colt

Below pictures were taken Spring 2011.  The new owners of "Sonora"... aka Monte were taken during Sonora's first rides.  Thank you Kelli for sending me these pictures!  Sonora looks GREAT!!


Monte_day1.jpg (304497 bytes) Day 1, March 24, 2009

Monte is a very nice colt.  I REALLY wish he was a she.  She would definitely be a keeper!!

However, since he is not a she....

Monte is SOLD

"Monte's Pedigree"

Monte&Poco.jpg (290309 bytes) 2monte&poco.jpg (506442 bytes)
Poco & Monte

March 29, 2009

monte&frosty.jpg (349133 bytes)

April 14, 2009


Like father... like son!

Frosty and Monte (left)


E?_Aa_(Cr??_ Rn??_D??)


Monte has amber colored eyes, which makes me think that he may carry the creme gene.  He also has roan hairs throughout his body and frosting on his tail.  I think he will shed blue roan or smoky blue roan if he indeed carries the creme gene.  There is also the possibility that he carries the dun gene, which he would have gotten from his dam, Poco.  In the sun light it appears that he has a dorsal stripe, but he is too black to tell for sure.  We'll have to wait till he sheds out to know for sure.

monte_yawning.jpg (350025 bytes) Monte.jpg (339214 bytes)
monte_2009coltpage.jpg (412237 bytes)
Below pictures were taken July 4, 2009
Monte&Poco_2.jpg (331151 bytes) Monte&Poco.jpg (379632 bytes)
Below pictures were taken July 11, 2009
Monte3.jpg (291141 bytes) Monte2.jpg (285337 bytes)
Pictures taken July 19, 2009
Monte.jpg (485442 bytes) Monte_2.jpg (475184 bytes)
Pictures below taken 8-22-09 at weaning time.
Monte_playingwithball.jpg (318144 bytes) Monte.jpg (406190 bytes)
Tuff-&-Monte.jpg (325217 bytes)