L - 7  RANCH

A unique west Texas experience!






Chiquita Frey Babe (Chica)


Hancock Poco Rip x Smooth Steady


June 11, 2009

Blue Roan filly

markings: star and snip, back white sock.  Frosted tail and roan hairs through out. 

(possibly carries the creme gene)


This little girl is staying here!


smoothie_filly2.jpg (208825 bytes) This picture was taken on June 12th.  Chica was a little over 12hours old.
Chica_web.jpg (464863 bytes) Picture taken July 19, 2009
Picture below taken 8-22-09
Chica.jpg (442296 bytes) Chica_right-side.jpg (374928 bytes)
Pictures below taken 10-3-09
chica_front.jpg (280417 bytes) chica_leftside.jpg (327018 bytes)